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Main Differences Between Private Hospitals and NHS Hospitals

Hospital settings are often different in private hospitals compared to NHS hospitals. There are lots of reasons for this, and some argue that it is often down to the different standards of cleanliness, the actual size of the hospital and the fact that private hospitals mostly consist of private rooms for patients rather than wards.

nhs hospital Private hospital buildings are generally newer than NHS buildings, and this may be why people often consider them to be cleaner and more up to date. Private hospitals are often smaller, with fewer patients and communal areas, this may explain why they appear cleaner and are easier to maintain.

When a patient enters a private hospital they should be guaranteed to receive first class service in a friendly atmosphere and in their own private room. Private hospitals are typically much more flexible with waiting times and meal choice is often better. Usually patients have their own private rooms with en suite bathrooms and televisions.

Treatment received by patients should be no different to that received in NHS hospitals, it should purely ne waiting times and the surroundings that differ, care given by staff should be the same across the board. Equipment and technology used in hospitals should be the same in both sectors.

Private hospitals do not, however, offer training facilities so medical students are unlikely to be working in them.

Although there are differences between private and NHS hospitals but the care received from staff should not differ at all. The other benefits discussed may influence the decision people have to make as to whether to go private or use the NHS.

Being employed in a private hospital rather than an NHS hospital can be very different, the working atmosphere can be a complete change. If you are a qualified health care professional, working in a private hospital may be something you wish to consider.

by Jessica Evans

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