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No worries with a nurse call system

The significance of a nurse call system cannot be underestimated. A nurse call system is a radio based system for visually and Audibly alerting nursing staff to calls from patients or other members of staff. Since it is radio based, it is considerably flexible depending on the requirements of the personal user no matter how difficult or great they are. The nurse call system can be as small or as large as the user wants, as each system is configured for each individual requirement.

nurse call All health care facilities, including hospitals, assisted living centres, nursing homes, senior facilities and others that look after older patients or those suffering from chronic health problems should incorporate nurse call systems. These systems enable the patient to alert the nearest nurse station in the event of an emergency. Many people as they grow older or live with physical disabilities, chronic conditions and some who are even recovering from specific illness that requires help need that feeling of being secure and safe. Money cannot quantify the peace of mind that one will get when they know that medical help is at just a buzz away during emergencies. Lives can be saved if one has such systems because time and medical supplies is the crucial factor and no one can afford to waste time.

Nurse call systems are reassuring to patients as well as relatives who do not need to worry as much, knowing that trained nurses are only a button away, and this helps patients lead a more independent lifestyle. This system is also a relief to nurses, who do not constantly have to check up with patients. If a patient is in dire need of assistance, they do not have to shout or scream for help; instead they can just use the nurse call system with the least amount of effort.

There are many nurse call systems available in the market, which vary in function and prices. Conventional nurse call systems are quite basic – patient clicks a button, a buzzer goes off at the nurses’ station, which can be reset at the nurses end itself, and there are no options to store information as everything is in analogue mode. However, with advances in technology, new and improved digital wireless nurse call systems which include LED displays, Audible alerts and visual notifications are now used. A good nurse call system should be safe, lightweight and easy to use. It should not be cumbersome to carry around, and should be easy to operate for both patients and nurses.

by Anne Watson

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