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Midwife vacancy in Airport Road Hospital Dubai

Dear colleagues, we found another nice vacancy for Midwives. their job description was quite interesting and we gave the true copy of that down here.The key output was mentioned there as  who is responsible for performing variety of  duties that  will assist in caring of women during labour. The contract type is permanent. The job location is alnoor hospital, airport road, dubai. Please read full post and find the CLICK HERE to apply directly. 

As mentioned in their website, the job describption is as follows.
Job Description

Supports women and their families to promote health and well-being
Offers advice and midwifery care that respects the cultural and social needs of each woman and her family
Advocates informed choice and shared decision-making
Uses the nursing process to plan, implement and evaluate holistic antenatal care in collaboration with the woman and her family
Assesses the growth and well-being of the fetus.
Provides nutritional advise for pregnancy and lactation.
Interprets and acts upon information from antenatal assessments.
Educates the woman about the onset and process of labour
Provides information about pain relief, birth positions and delivery options to facilitate informed choices.
Promotes and supports breastfeeding
Facilitates the process of lactation and bonding, supporting the mother-infant
Provide high quality, culturally sensitive care during labour, conduct a safe delivery, and respond in emergency situations to maximize the health of women and the newborn.
Identifies the signs which indicate onset and progress of labour
Identifies the measures to assess fetal and maternal well-being in labour
Identifies the signs and indicators of complications
Recognizes emergency situations and intervenes in a timely manner
Promotes normal physiological childbirth
Provide comprehensive, high quality culturally sensitive postnatal care for women and the newborn.
Performs focused physical examinations of the mother
Recognizes signs of newborn adaptation to extra-uterine life
Evaluates the newborn’s condition using the Apgar score at 1 and 5 minutes
Performs an initial assessment of the newborn’s appearance and behavior
Performs a detailed physical examination of the newborn
Accurately calculates medication doses for administration.
Safely administers medications during pregnancy, birth and lactation.
Utilizes relevant codes of conduct as a guide to midwifery practice. Contributes to policy development impacting on midwifery practice
Works collaboratively with other health care professionals to improve the delivery of services to women and families
Communicates effectively with women, significant others and health care professionals to optimize care
Maintains knowledge and skills through actively participating in continuing professional development programs
Actively engages in continuous self-assessment to evaluate and enhance own practice
Adhere to infection control and health and safety measures.
Be actively involved in the quality improvement activities within the Department and the Hospital.

How to apply?

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